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hey mango protocol, I have been playing these games for a while now and I have wanted to say that these games, especially MechaNika have given me a piece of hope that I can open my own gaming industry company. I love the characters, nika is great and I can’t wait for colossus down I hope you see this and good luck!

Of course we see this, haha. Thank you for your answer and good luck with your video games! =)

Didn't expect this game's adult themes haha. Here's my playthrough on Twitch.

game won't start

Ouch. Sorry to hear that! Could you please send the details of your system to info (at) mangoprotocol (dot) com? Add any output you may get when trying to launch the game, it may be very helpful.


font is a little hard to read but i like your art stlyish

There are two font options in the game. The alternative one is way more readable =)